Priorities for plastic pollution

Tyre wear the biggest cause of microplastic pollution

A new report from Friends of the Earth says that tyre wear is probably the main cause of microplastic pollution in the marine environment. Washing clothes also makes a large contribution. For larger plastic items, wet wipes and bottles are a big problem.

The report identifies ten priorities where households can make the most difference. (The top right in this diagram shows the most significant causes of plastic pollution to the right, and where households can have the most effect to the top.) Read More >

Financial risks of climate change

Notts Pension Fund not protected from climate change (Nov 2018)

A new report from Friends of the Earth reveals that many local authority pension funds, including Notts, are not doing enough to reduce the financial risks of climate change. Notts is taking almost no action to protect members' funds.

The report looked at 19 large local authority funds. Notts came in the bottom category of 'laggard'. The report says: "Their failure to act is a breach of their fiduciary duty." Read More >

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Pollution around the QMC is unsafe (Oct 2018)

A new report from the British Lung Foundation says that pollution levels around the QMC are unsafe. And both the City Council and Highways England should be doing more. Fine particulates (PM2.5) are linked to 6.4% of adult deaths in the city. "Transport remains an important contributor to poor air quality, and, in 2020, petrol and diesel cars will still be one of the main contributors to poor air quality." So more needs to be done to curb traffic on the trunk roads around the QMC. Read More >

Don't fast track fracking

County supports local accountability on fracking (Sep/Oct 2018)

Following a widespread local and national campaign, Notts County Council has voted to oppose government attempts to take planning decisions away from local councils. Frack Free Notts demonstrated outside the full Council meeting on 20 September.

Make Notts fossil free

Why won't Notts kick the fossil fuel habit? (Oct 2018)

Members of Notts Pension Fund have started to ask questions about its investments in fossil fuel companies. At the Fund's Annual Meeting in October 2018, members raised more issues about both the ethics and financial risks associated with fossil fuel investments: Read More >

Amy & Ella at House of Commons

Kids Against Plastic (Dec 2017)

Two Arnold schoolgirls, Amy and Ella Meek, started the Kids Against Plastic campaign. Local MP Vernon Coaker took them to the House of Commons to meet Environmental Audit Committee Chair Mary Creagh. See their website >

Big Plug - electrify MML

Campaign to electrify Midland Mainline (Oct 2017)

On 7 October, campaigners from Leicester Friends of the Earth brought their 'Big Plug' campaign to Nottingham Station. This follows a government decision to cancel electrification North of Kettering, and introduce 'bi-mode' trains which will run on diesel for most of the journey from London. We say "We should be scrapping diesel trains not building new ones. Diesel trains are heavier, so less efficient and take longer to stop and start. All mainline trains should be moving to electric. That will save money, reduce climate emissions and reduce air pollution." People were asked to write to their MPs to tell Transport Secretary Chris Grayling to reverse the decision to cancel electrification." Read More >

City Hospital coal-fired boiler chimney

City Hospital to shut down coal-fired boiler at last (Aug 2017)

After years of complaints from local residents, the City Hospital has only just stopped burning coal. That follows a campaign backed by Nottingham Friends of the Earth. This is one of the last coal-fired boilers in the city. Read More >