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Why won’t Notts kick the fossil fuel habit? (Oct 2018)

As at March 2018, Nottinghamshire Pension Fund (Notts PF) invests over £5bn on behalf of more than 136,000 members. Over £300m is in fossil fuel companies, over £200m of this in fracking companies. The biggest investments are in Shell, BP, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto. There are also big investments in HSBC and Barclays Banks which have funded large scale coal extraction around the world.

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Robin Hood supports a Clean Air Zone

Why won't Nottingham get a Clean Air Zone? (Sep 2018)

Following a consultation, Nottingham City Council has decided not to implement a Clean Air Zone - which would aim to bring the city's air pollution levels into legal compliance as soon as possible. They claim that their current investment in cleaner buses and other vehicles will be enough to bring the city centre into compliance.

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Notts Pension Fund Divestment Campaign

Why can't Notts kick the fossil fuel habit? (Oct 2015)

Members of Notts Pension Fund have started to ask questions about its investments in fossil fuel companies. At the Fund's Annual Meeting in October 2015, members raised a number of issues about both the ethics and financial risks associated with fossil fuel investments:
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Gainsborough Trough shale gas area - North Notts

Will they frack Sherwood Forest? (Aug 2015)

Most of Sherwood Forest could be fracked for shale gas if the government gets its way. On 18 August, a consultation was launched on nine potential blocks around the Sherwood Forest area, most of which are on the Southern edge of the Gainsborough Trough (the orange area shows where the British Geological Survey says there could be shale gas, lilac indicates a double layer of shale gas):
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Bassetlaw says NO

Daneshill protectors delay frackers in North Notts (Mar 2014)

Exploratory drilling for coal bed methane near Retford has been delayed, but not stopped. A small subsidiary of an Australian company, Dart Energy (East England) Ltd, has permission to drill in Daneshill Energy Forest, four miles north of Retford. That will mean drilling through an aquifer close to Daneshill Lakes which is a wildlife site.

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Will they frack Nottinghamshire? (Jan 2014)

Nottinghamshire's Minerals Plan is up for review. Amongst other things it includes policies for extracting hydrocarbons. In the past the county has been a major source of coal. In the future large parts of the county could be fracked for shale gas and coal bed methane.

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Wind Turbines at Awsworth and Woodborough (Dec 2013)

Wind turbines supported by Nottingham Pro-Wind Alliance are now being installed at Awsworth and Woodborough. Severn Trent is erecting wind turbines at sites near Leicester, Derby and Nottingham, including a large turbine at its Newthorpe sewage treatment works near Awsworth. This was the first turbine supported by Nottm ProWA in 2010, approved by Broxtowe in 2011.

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