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Wind Turbines at Awsworth and Woodborough (Dec 2013)

Wind turbines supported by Nottingham Pro-Wind Alliance are now being installed at Awsworth and Woodborough.

Severn Trent is erecting wind turbines at sites near Leicester, Derby and Nottingham, including a large turbine at its Newthorpe sewage treatment works near Awsworth. This was the first turbine supported by Nottm ProWA in 2010, approved by Broxtowe in 2011.

 Severn Trent turbine near Awsworth (more photos on ProWA blog)

Two large turbines have also gone up at Severn Trent's sewage works at Spondon, near Derby. And another one at Wanlip, near Leicester.

 Spondon turbines next to former Celanese Acetate plant (more: ProWA blog)

Meanwhile, a turbine has also been erected at Woodborough Park Farm between Dorket Head and Woodborough. This got planning permission from Gedling in November 2011. But a local anti-wind campaign has been pursuing a legal objection through the courts ever since. (See our news archive.) In spite of losing at a number of hearings, they are still being allowed to pursue a further appeal. But that has not prevented the turbine from being erected.

 Turbine at Woodborough Park Farm

For further information on turbine proposals supported by Nottingham Pro-Wind Alliance see our Campaign Page.