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Stronger policy needed on fracking in Notts (Oct 2020)

No Fracking Way

Local campaign groups have told a planning inspector that stronger controls are needed to protect Nottinghamshire from fracking. The County Council had refused to include a separate policy on fracking in its Minerals Plan. Issues raised by representatives from Frack Free Misson and Teversal, Skegby and Stanton Hill Neighbourhood Forum at a hearing on 28 October included:

  • risk assessments in former coal mining areas
  • protecting communities from large gasfield development
  • contraints on all hydraulic fracturing (as defined in North Yorkshire Minerals Plan), not just extensive fracking as defined in the Infrastructure Act
  • saying plans "must" be in line with net zero carbon emissions by 2050

These proposals were opposed by the County Council and industry representatives. For more details see Drill or Drop.

Notts Minerals Plan - why no policy on fracking? (Sep 2019)

Notts County Council is consulting again on their Minerals Plan. Most of the area around Sherwood Forest has been licensed for fracking. The area is already known as the earthquake capital of the UK due to former mining. Sherwood sandstone contains aquifers important for drinking water and agriculture. But the Plan has no specific policy to protect us from fracking. Help put a stop to this fossil fuel madness. Have your say >

April Fools protest at Misson Springs

IGas to frack Misson (Apr 2019)

In March 2019 IGas announced that it had found gas-bearing shale at Misson Springs. It already has planning permission for a second exploratory borehole with a horizontal section. It now says it will apply for permission to frack that section. This is being bankrolled by Ineos to the tune of $230m (see interview with IGas CEO). Protests continue. Background >

Solidarity at Tinker Lane

IGas well finds no gas layer (Dec 2018)

The first exploratory gas well in Notts has drawn a blank. After just 20 days drilling at Tinker Lane, between Blyth and Barnby Moor in North Notts, IGas announced they couldn't find the Bowland Shale layer. So, no gas means they won't be fracking at this site. This follows months of protest and a number of arrests. See Drill or Drop timeline >

Clumber Park

Ineos forces access to Clumber Park (Dec 2018)

Chemical company Ineos has forced the National Trust to allow 'seismic testing' across Clumber Park. The Trust initially refused access on climate change, planning and environmental grounds, but backed down before a hearing in the High Court. The Trust will continue to resist any fracking. Frack Free Notts supported the Trust's objection to Ineos. See Drill or Drop story >

Don't fast track fracking

County supports local accountability on fracking (Sep/Oct 2018)

Following a widespread local and national campaign, Notts County Council has voted to oppose government attempts to take planning decisions away from local councils. Frack Free Notts demonstrated outside the full Council meeting on 20 September.

Notts Minerals Plan consultation (Jul 2018)

Notts County Council is refusing to include a separate policy on fracking in its Minerals Plan, claiming that there is no difference between unconventional hydrocarbons and the small oil and gas wells already operating in Notts. (Ineos has licenses covering more than 1,000 square kilometres around the Sherwood Forest area and wants over 100 wells per 10km square.) See Frack Free Notts' comments >

Frack Free Misson owl banner

Work continues into bird breeding season at Misson Springs (Feb 2018)

IGas has been allowed to continue construction of its exploratory drilling site at Misson Springs in North Notts into the bird-breeding season. The site is very close to Misson Carr SSSI, managed by Notts Wildlife Trust, which hosts rare long-eared owls. Notts Planning Committee had imposed a condition to stop work from February to August to protect breeding birds from noise. But planning officers have said that this "would not have an adverse impact". Arrests follow >

demo at Major Oak

Big Demo to protect Sherwood Forest (Jan 2017)

In late 2016, Friends of the Earth found that Ineos had plans to test for shale gas across the whole of the public forest estate around Sherwood Forest. The Forestry Commission also revealed that Ineos wanted to drill at The Lings just 2 miles from the Major Oak. This led to a big demonstration at the Major Oak on 7 January. A petition with over 250,000 signatures was handed to the Environment Secretary. See Ineos' plans for Sherwood Forest >