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Robin Hood for clean air

Action for clean air in Nottingham? (Nov 2018)

On 7 November, Trent University's Green Academy will host a panel discussion on "Action for clean air in Nottingham". This is a collaboration with London Sustainability Exchange - which has been using their experience of campaigning on air quality issues in London to support groups in other cities, including Nottingham.

Over summer 2018, a Citizen Action Group Greenlight Notts has been monitoring nitrogen dioxide levels in the city and will share their results. All welcome, but please book ticket >

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Pollution around the QMC is unsafe (Oct 2018)

A new report from the British Lung Foundation says that pollution levels around the QMC are unsafe. And both the City Council and Highways England should be doing more. Fine particulates (PM2.5) are linked to 6.4% of adult deaths in the city.

"Transport remains an important contributor to poor air quality, and, in 2020, petrol and diesel cars will still be one of the main contributors to poor air quality." So more needs to be done to curb traffic on the trunk roads around the QMC. Read More >

We want a clean air zone

Why won't Nottingham get a Clean Air Zone? (Sep 2018)

Nottingham still has illegal levels of air pollution. This is nearly 20 years after Air Quality Management Areas were declared. Nottingham has been good at measuring air pollution; not so good at reducing it.

EU rules required compliance by 2010, delayed to 2015 for the UK. It then required legal action all the way up to the Supreme Court to force the government to produce a plan to bring down pollution by 2020 - which has still not been implemented. In September 2018 Nottingham City Council finally submitted limited proposals. We are waiting for government approval. Read More >

Air pollution and transport (May 2018)

A report from the Campaign for Better Transport says that local transport is the main contributor to air pollution. But action is needed by the Government, not just local authorities. CBT wants older, more polluting vehicles off the road. And government-supported local car scrappage schemes. Read More >

City Hospital coal-fired boiler chimney

City Hospital to shut down coal-fired boiler at last (Aug 2017)

After years of complaints from local residents, the City Hospital has only just stopped burning coal. That follows a campaign backed by Nottingham Friends of the Earth. This is one of the last coal-fired boilers in the city. Read More >