Make Notts Fossil Free Campaign

Sailing into climate oblivion

Questions at Notts Pension Fund 2019 AGM

Following questions asked at Notts Pension Fund AGMs in 2015 and 2018, Extinction Rebellion Nottingham organised a demonstration at the AGM in October 2019, singing "Divest Now ... there's no time to waste", with Captain Fossil sailing into climate oblivion throwing out dud £20 notes. As questions were read out in the AGM, people looked down with T shirts saying Climate Emergency - Divest Now. Read More >

Is your pension fossil free?

Divest!Invest! Notts Pension Fund (Aug 2019)

Extinction Rebellion Nottingham has produced a Briefing to explain why Nottinghamshire Pension Fund should get its money out of fossil fuels.

People are being asked to write to their local councillors. Demands include:

  • Divestment from all fossil fuel-related assets over the next 3 years;
  • Invest in renewable energy, environmental sustainability and local alternatives. Read More >
Fossil Free

Background to Notts divestment campaign

Since 2015, Nottingham Friends of the Earth has been supporting a campaign to persuade Nottinghamshire Pension Fund to get its investments out of fossil fuel companies. This followed warnings from the Bank of England that over two thirds of proven reserves of coal, gas and oil are "literally unburnable" if we are to limit the impact of climate change. Read More >

Useful divestment campaign links

Nationally, the campaign is supported by and Friends of the Earth. Unison's 2017 AGM agreed to launch a campaign. Client Earth and Share Action have issued warnings to pension funds over the need to consider the financial risks of climate change:

Financial risks of climate change

Notts Pension Fund not protected from climate change (Nov 2018)

A new report from Friends of the Earth reveals that many local authority pension funds, including Notts, are not doing enough to reduce the financial risks of climate change. Notts is taking almost no action to protect members' funds.

The report looked at 19 large local authority funds. Notts came in the bottom category of 'laggard'. The report says: "Their failure to act is a breach of their fiduciary duty." Read More >

Stop our pensions funding climate chaos

Questions at Notts Pension Fund 2018 AGM

As at March 2018, Nottinghamshire Pension Fund (Notts PF) invests over £5bn on behalf of more than 136,000 members. Over £300m is in fossil fuel companies, over £200m of this in fracking companies.

At the Fund AGM in October 2018, members asked questions about the failure to divest from fossil fuels, or even to provide an analysis of the financial risk of climate change. Read More >

How much does your council invest in fracking?

A new Divest Fracking report shows how much each local authority pension fund has invested in companies involved in fracking (published September 2018). It shows Nottinghamshire had over £200m in fracking companies such as Shell, BP, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto. Read More >

Trent Clock Tower

Nottingham Uni agrees divestment (Apr 2018)

The University of Nottingham has agreed to remove all its investments in fossil fuels within a year. And will get out of coal and tar sands immediately. The Students' Union said "student activists from the Divestment campaign should be immensely proud of themselves!" Read More >

Time to act

Questions at Notts Pension Fund 2015 AGM

At Notts Pension Fund's Annual Meeting in October 2015, members raised a number of issues about both the ethics and financial risks associated with fossil fuel investments. Read More >