We want a clean air zone

Clean air campaigns

Fine particles kill around 36,000 people in the UK every year, mostly from traffic pollution - including around 150 in Nottingham City and 430 in the rest of the County. More are killed by nitrogen dioxide, particularly from diesel vehicles. The overall cost to society is around £20bn each year. So why have the government and the City Council not shown more urgency? Clean air campaigns page >

Tree planting

Trees Campaign

Friends of the Earth has a campaign to double tree cover in the UK by 2045. For National Tree Week, November 2019, they provided 500 saplings for planting at a city centre rest garden managed by the Women's Institute. Other local tree-planting initiatives included:

  • The WI launched a People's Forest with Robin Hood;
  • City Parks supported a number of tree planting initiatives;
  • a Young People's Forest near Heanor is being supported by the Woodland Trust. Read More >
Make Notts fossil free

Why can't Notts kick the fossil fuel habit?

Over 80% of the world's coal, oil and gas reserves are unburnable if we want to stop climate change. Since 2015 we have supported a campaign to persuade Nottinghamshire Pension Fund to drop its fossil fuel investments. At the Fund's Annual Meetings members have been raising issues about both the ethics and financial risks associated with fossil fuel investments. Fossil Free Notts campaign page >


Anti-fracking campaigns

Frack Free Notts was established in 2013 to oppose the threat of fracking in Notts, with support from Nottingham Friends of the Earth. Since then the threat is becoming real. (See 2014 campaign background.)

Dart Energy (now owned by IGas) drilled an exploratory well for coal bed methane near Lound in North Notts. IGas (now in partnership with Ineos) drilled the first exploratory well for shale gas at Tinker Lane (between Blyth and Barnby Moor) - failing to find a commercial gas layer. A second site at Misson Springs did find gas.

Ineos has licenses covering over 1,000 square kilometres around Sherwood Forest - and has used court action to force the National Trust to let them start testing in Clumber Park.

Meanwhile, an area between Nottingham and Loughborough has been licensed to Egdon Resources (one of IGas' partners). And an area between Nottingham and Derby has been licensed to Warwick Energy (set up by a couple of dodgy geezers whose previous company Independent Energy went bust). See campaign page >

Buzzy bee

Bee Cause campaign

Friends of the Earth's national Bee Cause campaign aimed to get the government to adopt a Bee Action Plan - to include policies on agriculture, conservation and planning. Read More >

wind turbines

Pro Wind Alliance

Nottingham Pro-Wind Alliance was formed in 2010 to support renewable energy proposals, particularly appropriately sited wind turbines, in the area around Greater Nottingham. It was a local branch of a wider regional Pro-Wind Alliance (ProWA), supported by Nottingham Friends of the Earth and a number of other organisations. Read More >

See archive for previous campaigns