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Robin Hood gets a 'CBE' in drive for Clean British Energy (June 2012)

Friends of the Earth has been awarding CBE medals to national icons as part of our campaign for Clean British Energy. In Nottingham the award went to Robin Hood and Brian Clough. Nationally, Queen Victoria, Tony Hancock and James Watt were amongst those to get the CBE treatment.

You can see some of the photos on Flickr.

The Clean British Energy campaign calls on the government to cut carbon emissions and create thousands of jobs by supporting home grown energy from wind, sun and water. Recent polling shows 85% of people want more of their electricity to come from renewable energy instead of dirty, expensive, imported fossil fuels.

These awards mark a link-up between Friends of the Earth and the UK's only specialist green energy providers, Good Energy and Ecotricity. We are encouraging people to switch their energy suppliers from the Big Six.

Last year the average household energy bill went up by £120 due to increased gas prices while the Big Six made billions in profits (see Ecotricity's website for more information). Over the next ten years, as the cost of fossil fuels goes up the cost of renewable energy will come down.

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