National Tree Week (Nov 2019)

Tree planting in the Nottingham area

Friends of the Earth has launched a campaign to double tree cover in the UK by 2045.

For National Tree Week they provided 500 saplings for planting at Barker Gate Rest Garden which is managed by the Women's Institute:

Tree planting at Barker Gate Rest Garden

The WI is also working with the Official Robin Hood and the City's Open Spaces Forum on a long term People's Forest project to reconnect Nottingham to Sherwood Forest.

See details of the People's Forest project

People's Forest tree planting

On Tree Charter Day, three oak trees were planted in Woodthorpe Grange Park to launch the People's Forest project. (See report in Nottingham Post.)

The Woodland Trust has started a Young People's Forest next to Shipley Country Park Visitor Centre, Heanor. This is making use of a former opencast coal quarry. There was a public planting day on Tree Charter Day, with further planting days planned in 2020.

Nottingham City Council adopted an Urban Forest Strategy in 2012. This included an aim to return tree canopy cover to the 14.1% measured in 2007 by 2020, and to increase this to 20% by 2030. The Council Plan adopted in November 2019 said they would plant only 10,000 trees by 2023. But Deputy Leader Sally Longford has since told Nottingham Friends of the Earth that this will be increased to 15,000 a year for two years, then reducing to 10,000 a year in 2023.

The City supported a number of tree planting initiatives in National Tree Week.