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Cows on trams demand rainforest-free food (Oct 2010)

A small herd of cowmuters boarded Nottingham's trams on Wednesday 13 October to demand rainforest-free food.

Nottingham Friends of The Earth staged the stunt, as part of a national initiative, to highlight the hidden link between British factory farms and tropical rainforest destruction.

Friends of the Earth's food campaigner and stunt co-ordinator, Lima Curtis, said: “When it comes to food and farming, Ministers are ignoring the meatiest issue of all – the massive environmental hoofprint of our factory farms.

“The Government is propping up a system that links the meat and dairy on our plates to wildlife and rainforest destruction in South America.

“We don't need planet-wrecking factory farms to feed a growing population – and we don't all need to go veggie either. Ministers must back our new law to help farmers to feed animals a home-grown diet.

“Small farms are losing out to factory farms, which continue to damage the environment. Unsustainable farms put profit above people, wildlife and animal welfare. The UN have estimated that the livestock sector is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions globally. That's why Friends of the Earth is campaigning for sustainable and equitable food production for everyone.”

Currently, South American grown soy is the main source of protein in British animal feed. Rainforests are destroyed to create soy farms, which leads to a loss of wildlife biodiversity and an increase in atmoshpheric CO2.

Friends of the Earth want a strong new law which supports British farmers to feed animals a home-grown, planet-friendly diet. We are asking MPs to vote for a Sustainable Livestock Bill in Parliament on 12 November.

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