Notts Minerals Plan Consultation

No Fracking Way

Tell them why we need a policy on fracking (Sep 2019)

Nottinghamshire County Council is consulting again on its Minerals Plan. And, yet again, the planners have resisted arguments for policies to protect us from fracking.

Comments now have to explain why the Plan isn't 'sound'. This could include a failure to consider alternatives (such as reasons for a separate fracking policy) or a failure to comply with national policy (such as climate change).

Comment online or to:


(Policy MP12 Oil & Gas)

The consultation runs to 11 October 2019

Some points which they have refused to include:

North Yorkshire's Draft Minerals & Waste Plan includes a number of protections for fracking proposals:

  • defining hydraulic fracturing as any fracturing which allows gas to flow;
  • a separation distance of 500m from homes;
  • setting a maximum density of well pads;
  • requiring a financial guarantee in case fracking companies go bust before cleaning up a site.

Some Plans have stronger policies on climate change:

  • The Cumbria Minerals & Waste Plan requires any commercial exploitation of hydrocarbons to contribute to "mitigation of climate change";
  • The Kirklees Local Plan requires any production of hydrocarbons to have "net zero impact on climate change".

Fracking seismology expert Professor Peter Styles recommended 500m separation from former mine workings and 850m from any fault lines (See report on Talk Fracking. Also supported by Bassetlaw MP John Mann - EDM#1303, May 2018).

For further background information download Frack Free Notts leaflet.