Carbon Neutral Nottingham

Nottingham's 2028 Carbon Neutral Action Plan (Mar 2020)

Carbon Neutral Nottingham

In January 2019 Nottingham City Council declared an aim to be a carbon neutral city by 2028. A Carbon Neutral Charter and Action Plan are available on the Council website.

A consultation on the plan was launched in January 2020. Nottingham Friends of the Earth has criticised the lack of urgency, and lack of clear priorities, targets or annual milestones.

And, even if the City plants a million trees, this will "offset" only a small percentage of current carbon emissions.

Some of the points on which we agree with the City's proposals include:

  • reduce the need to travel
  • make things carbon neutral by design and aim for a "circular economy"
  • bring all homes up to high levels of energy efficiency and eliminate fuel poverty
  • increase local low carbon energy sources
  • reduce waste and aim for at least 65% recycling by 2035
  • collect food waste separately for anaerobic digestion
  • reduce consumption and "make do and mend"
  • reduce consumption of red meat and dairy
  • improve soil management, biodiversity and tree planting
  • protect the most vulnerable citizens from extreme weather events (including flooding and hot weather)

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