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Green Festival - what should be in a Plan for Bees? (Sep 2013)

On 1st September, Nottingham Friends of the Earth decided to do something different than its regular gathering of petition signatures. The stall at the Nottingham Green Festival invited the public to feed into a National Pollinator Strategy, asking the question 'What would you like to see in a National Bee Action Plan?'. Using a whiteboard, photos were collected throughout the day. People from all backgrounds gathered round the stall to feed in their views, including Nottinghamshire's Police & Crime Commissioner, Paddy Tipping.

The results can be seen on Flickr. We also asked people at the City's Grow Your Own event at Woodthorpe Park on 15 September (these photos are added to Flickr at the bottom of page 2 - or view photos starting here).

Also see: Local MPs back Bee Cause campaign and our Campaign page on the Bee Cause.

A selection of people's views at the Green Festival:


A selection of photos from the Grow Your Own event: