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Bee food-tasting challenge in West Bridgford (Aug 2012)

Did you know that without bees, and other pollinating insects, it could cost UK farmers £1.8bn more to produce our food? At West Bridgford's 'Lark in the Park' on 1 August, children and adults were challenged to guess which foods have been made with the help of bees and which haven't.

For a start, anything containing fruit or chocolate requires bees or other insects for pollination, though we might still have plain cereals (which are wind-pollinated) if there were no bees.

But bee numbers are declining dramatically. This is partly due to shortage of natural habitats. So we are asking people to make their gardens, streets and communities bee-friendly. Many people took packets of wildflower seeds to plant in their gardens.

And we want the government to commit to a National Bee Action Plan (which has already been agreed by the government in Wales). For links to background information, see our 'Bee Cause' campaign page.