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(This page was written in June 1999. For more up-to-date information see news page.)


FOE now has a website showing the location of over 140 sites around the country where genetically engineered crops are being grown. Almost all are testing crops which resist weedkillers like Monsanto's RoundUp or AgrEvo's Challenge. They are not designed to increase food supply or to investigate potential harm to wildlife or humans.

The farms near Nottingham are:

  • Granary House, Edwalton, trialling sugar beet for Monsanto at map ref 595324.
  • Top Brackendale Farm, Cropwell Butler, trialling oilseed rape for Plant Genetic Systems and CPB Twyford at map ref 690 373.
  • ADAS, Meden Vale, trialling beet for Novartis and oilseed rape for AgrEvo at map ref 593705.
  • Wilson Hall Farm, Melbourne, trialling beet and maize for Monsanto at map ref 40_25_.
  • Groby Farm, near Leicester, trialling beet for Monsanto at map ref 554106.
There have previously been trials of GM potatoes at Bilsthorpe.

Comments on these sites can be sent to: Rt Hon John Prescott MP, Secretary of State, Biotechnology Unit, Floor 3/G9, Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions, Ashdown House, 123 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6DE. Details are on a public register at the Environment Agency in Solihull (tel 0645 333111).

To find out which sites are near you, visit FOE's interactive map.

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