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Nottingham FOE sent the following list of questions to a number of local supermarkets in December 1999 (For answers see separate page)

To the Store manager

As part of Friends of the Earth's Campaign for Real Food we, the local group in Nottingham, are surveying the policies of supermarkets in the area on a number of food, health and environmental issues. So that we can assist our members in making informed choices when shopping for food, we would be grateful if you could respond to the following questions.

GM Foods

  • When will your own brands be free from GM ingredients?
  • How will GM-free products be identified? And will you segregate them from GM foods?
  • Will you make all the products on your shelves GM free?


  • What pesticides and artificial chemicals have been used to grow your non-organic produce?
  • Is the Government's recommendation that fruit should be peeled before it is fed to children on display in your fruit and vegetables section?

Local Food

  • How much of your produce is grown locally?
  • Do you have plans to stock more local food?

Organic products

  • How many of the organic products on your shelves are grown and produced in the UK?
  • Do you have plans to stock more locally grown and produced organic foods?


  • What is your policy on reducing food waste and unnecessary packaging?


  • Do you have a policy on monitoring antibiotic residues in the meat and dairy produce you stock?
  • Do you have a policy of purchasing meat and dairy produce from flocks and herds that are not routinely treated with antibiotics?

Fair Trade

  • How are you improving the safety of workers at your overseas suppliers?
  • Do you pay a fair price for both UK and developing world farmers' products?

For answers to these questions see next page.

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