Thirteen oaks face the chop!

Thirteen mature oak trees in Flintham are threatened with removal to make way for a housing development. Rushcliffe Council claims that the trees are of no environmental value, and although they have not apparently submitted an arboricultural evaluation, the Secretary of State has given the go-ahead for this destruction. Notts Wildlife Trust, however, have found that the trees are 2-300 years old and are home to a rich variety of wildlife. Flintham residents are strongly opposed to the development, and a campaign is gathering force. Campaigners suspect that the developers have close links with Rushcliffe Council. Five of them who were photographed next to the trees have since received solicitors' letters alleging trespass.

Your support is needed! Please get in touch with Mrs Jeanette Richardson, 20 Coneygrey Spinney, Flintham, Notts NG23 5LN; tel: 01636 525 098.


Last updated: 8 February 1999